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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978


Plan of Operation now available for review

UPDATE: On 3/23/2022 the Wisconsin DNR sent an “Incompleteness Letter” to Waste Management on the Orchard Ridge Eastern Expansion, Southern Unit Plan of Operation. The 15-page letter includes 27 requirements and 24 areas where more information is needed before the DNR can determine the POO is complete or make a decision on approval. 

Information on the Plan of Operation (POO)

The Orchard Ridge Eastern Expansion, Southern Unit (Boundary Road Superfund site exhumation and expansion) POO was submitted to the DNR on 2/18/2022 by Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc. (WMWI). 

The POO is a large document which can be reviewed in sections starting with an Executive Summary. The POO contains 20 appendices. The following appear to be the most significant:

Appendix C: Boundary Road Landfill Property Redevelopment Plan

Appendix L: Leachate Recirculation Plan

Appendix M: Research, Development and Demonstration Plan

Appendix N: Organic Stability Plan

Appendix R: WMWI Environmental Sampling Plan

On 3/23/2022 the DNR also provided direct links to the POO and stated the following:

The department is currently reviewing the Plan of Operation submitted by WMWI for the proposed Orchard Ridge Eastern Expansion, Southern Unit. The procedures specified in s. NR 514.04, Wis. Adm. Code, do not require the department publicly announce or post the Plan of Operation. However, the department recognizes the unconventional elements of this proposal, and the unique level of public interest on this project. Therefore, the department has posted an electronic copy of the Plan of Operation on its website at the following locations (and please note document downloads may take a while):

Plan of Operation (116MB):

Plan of Operation Plan Set (70MB):

PLEASE NOTE: The information here should not be misconstrued as a solicitation of public comments on the Plan of Operation. The opportunity for public comments was during the Feasibility phase (which included the department’s Environmental Review), during which time a class I public notice was posted and a public comment period established, pursuant to s. NR 512.06 and s. NR 150.10(4), Wis. Adm. Code, and s. 289.25(3), Stats.”

Additional documents that may be of interest:

Determination of Site Feasibility – The primary document containing the DNR’s decision.

Project Summary for the Feasibility Determination – A summary of the feasibility determination and the proposed landfill expansion.

Response to Comments Received During Feasibility Review Period – DNR response to the 133 public comments on the Orchard Ridge Landfill, Eastern Expansion, Southern Unit (BRL Superfund Site)

John Filcher, author of “Red Herrings: A Cautionary Journey for Citizen Opposition Groups” was the guest speaker at WEAL’s Annual Meeting (via Zoom) on 11/11/2021. John’s presentation included a firsthand account of how an ordinary group of citizens banded together and formed “Incinerator Free Brown County” (IFBC) to fight against a proposed trash incinerator that was initially proposed in Ashwaubenon and later Green Bay. John described the many twists and turns IFBC faced during the several year campaign to stop the project. WEAL along with several environmental groups networked with IFBC were mentioned during the presentation and are cited in the book.

WEAL has donated a copy of “Red Herrings: A Cautionary Journey for Citizen Opposition Groups” to the Waukesha Public Library. The book is also available at and

WEAL supports the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change report

Read or download the full report: Low Res (10 MB)