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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Latest News & Comments

Latest News & Comments

Keep The Vernon Marsh Wet

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 8:40 PM

Starting this week watch for our latest issue awareness ad..."Keep the Vernon Marsh Wet".  It'll run 5 times over the next few weeks on the back page of the Waukesha Freeman under the weather.  For years WEAL has been working to stop the City of Waukesha from drilling shallow aquifer wells on the old Lather's property just north of the Vernon Marsh.  In order to quench it's unsatiable thirst for water the City has proposed drilling shallow aquifer wells on 42 acres there.

To review, the City proposes building these wells as a back-up for Lake Michigan water should they successfully receive approval to divert water from Lake Michigan.  We're concerned that if the City goes ahead and builds these wells they are simultaneously showing the Great Lakes Commission that they do have a alternative water source, all the while telling the commission that they don't have an alternative source as justification to get a diversion.  Oh boy!  And what happens if the City doesn't get Lake Michigan water?  They go right back to their old standby - steal water from the shallow aquifer while damaging the Vernon Marsh ecology and impacting private wells in a wide perimter around the well field!

One study has shown that if the City goes ahead with the Lather's well field, "The pumping will cause water level drawdowns and will alter the exchange of water between the shallow aquifer and nearby surface water bodies, most notably the Fox River and Vernon Marsh."  The report goes on to say that, "After 15 years drawdowns could range from 20 to 25 feet at nearest private wells, and from 33 to 38 feet at the river and the marsh.  Of course no one knows what will actually happen, and it is dependent on exactly how much water would be pulled from the Lather's well field each day.  Regardless, we can't take the risk! 

Why would anyone think that locating up to 5 high capacity shallow aquifer wells immediately next to one of Waukesha County's most important ecological WATER RELATED treasures was a good idea?  Why?  Because its the City water utilities job to provide water to residents of the City of Waukesha...that's their mission, and to do it the cheapest way possible.  And, there's very few who care enough about Waukesha's natural environment to fight back.  Join us and fight back!  KEEP THE VERNON MARSH WET, NO HIGH CAPACITY SHALLOW AQUIFER WELLS 

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