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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

This annual election is in EVERY county in Wisconsin. You have the opportunity to vote for two delegates in every county every year to represent your views on natural resource and wildlife issues. It is a citizens' advisory body to the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources and the Natural Resources Board. Wisconsin is the ONLY state with one. If you're not in Waukesha county, find out where YOUR vote is at then click on 2013 Spring Hearing Locations.

Candidates are nominated to run on the spot and the vote follows. To win a delegate must get a majority of the votes cast. Candidates sometimes win by only a few votes, so this is a case where every vote really counts! Two delegates are elected every year and there are five representing each county. The Wisconsin legislature often looks to this body to support bills relating to natural resources and sometimes the Congress begins the process that leads to creation of a new law - lets make sure it represents all Waukesha County residents.

In addition to voting for delegates, you can vote on natural resource questions such as, "Should we expand hunting in Wisconsin state parks (#70)?" and "Should we prohibit the use of dogs for wolf hunting (#68)." Click on the link above and then on 2013 questionnaire to read all the questions before you vote. You can also submit your own resolution to be voted on such as - "Should we ease environmental regulations for mining?"