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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

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Latest Newsletter: WEAL February 2011 issue # 6 ( doc ) ( pdf )


  • By Pass, By Pass, everywhere you look.... a By Pass During the Waukesha Common Council Meeting of October 2010, it seems that the Board of Public Works asked the City Common Council for approval to improve and resurface the section from E. St. Paul Ave./E. North St. from Madison St. to W. Moreland Blvd. Road. If this is actually happening, then the City is continuing its efforts to improve the another Waukesha “bypass”.... a I-94 to HWY 164 to HWY 59. This route is essentially a straight shot from I-94 to HWY 59, and it's already in place! Remember, the city has already widened St. Paul on the South end.
  • (to see the route) So why then, go through all the costs and trouble of building yet another bypass on HWY TT to Sunset to HWY 59 if an existing and more efficient route is already in place and being improved? (Don’t forget the massive HWY 83 improvements happening right now) Allen Stsiewski VP WEAL 04/18/2011
  • WEAL ACTION ALERT AB-40/SB-27 Budget & Recycling WEAL is asking you to contact Governor Walker and your State Legislators tomorrow, Monday, April 4, 2011, regarding AB-40/SB-27, the proposed Budget Bill which eliminates the recycling mandate and ends recycling grants. The state will continue collecting a $7.00 per ton "recycling fee" for landfilling garbage. However, these funds will no longer be directed to grants for community recycling programs. Under the proposed budget, the money will be going into a new economic development fund. WEAL does not believe it is fair for communities to pay recycling fees at landfills when the money will not benefit recycling. Suggested Action: Please contact Governor Walker and your Legislators tell them you do not support the proposed changes. Let them know recycling preservers resources, conserves energy, limits dependence on landfills, creates jobs, contributes to economic development and is an effective method for communities to reduce disposal costs. Contact Governor Walker at: (608) 266-1212 email: [email protected]. To find your Legislators go to: Charlene Lemoine Waste Issues Representative Waukesha County Environmental Action League (WEAL) 04/03/2011
  • Sign our "Bypass the Waukesha West Bypass Petition" on-line. Support our "No Build, Improve!" alternative. 03/29/2011
  • Rep. Slaughter reintroduces PAMTA in 112th Congress March 2011 more information here
  • WEAL signs on to Teaming with Wildlife - a natural investment sign on letter 03/01/2011
  • WEAL joins the growing list of organizations who have already supported the Conservation Priorities 2011-2012. Endorsement Benefits & Commitments 03/01/2011 read more here
  • DNR asks for more details on Waukesha's water diversion application.December 3, 2010


Please check the WEAL Blog for additional Opinions and Comments

  • We hear that the State of Wisconsin is broke. The city of Waukesha and county are struggling. People are losing their homes, gas is near $4 a gallon, everyone is cutting back! Except for the DOT! Have we ever seen so many road construction projects in SE Wisconsin and Waukesha County? And we're not talking about road maintenance, we're talking about new road construction. All of which will require more funding in the future to maintain. The more roads, the more plowing, the more potholes, the more repairs, etc, etc. Its time for the people of Wisconsin to put the DOT on a diet! Allen Stasiewski, VP WEAL 03/29/2011
  • Golfers are asking that the DNR maintain the golf course at Rainbow Springs instead of restoring it. The DNR purchased this property in the Town of Mukwonago using Stewardship Funds. These Funds are meant to be used to protect natural areas in the state, not to buy and maintain a golf courses. Until Monday, March 14th, the DNR is accepting public comments on the future use of the Rainbow Springs property. Please send your comments to [email protected] ACT NOW. Tell the DNR that their job is protecting Wisconsin's natural resources. Fertilizing, herbiciding and mowing grass on a golf course is not protecting our natural resources. Ellen Gennrich 03/12/2011
  • If Governor Walker was really looking for a quick win on behalf of the state budget shortfall he'd cancel the state's contribution to the Waukesha Bypass. With one phone call the Governor could save the State $38 million! With safety improvements on current roads there would be no need to build this mega-highway. The fact that this hasn't yet been done brings the Governors true motives into question! In addition, lets be honest, this "bypass" isn't really a bypass, its an expensive road expansion project. It might have been a bypass 25 years ago, but today its just a line on an city map! Allen Stasiewski, VP WEAL 02/15/2011


Waste Issues

Opposition Mounting to Fight the Waukesha Bypass

Join WEAL in the next big Highway battle in Waukesha County....the extension of the Waukesha Bypass. The DOT still has an option on the table to build this 4 lane mega-highway through the Pebble Creek Environmental Corridor. We can't let that happen! Call me at 414-507-8358 to join our Bypass Planning Group! Read about Community Opposition to the Bypass Allen Stasiewski, VP WEAL

Read about Waukesha's Water Problems and Related Topics! Or click on 'Archives' and look under 'Water' to review actions and information on the Water Diversion.

WEAL Comments and Press!

-- City of Waukesha's Recycling Plan Bad for Taxpayers and the Environment Guest Opinion 3/12/10

-- DNR's Response to WEAL's Comments on Orchard Ridge Landfill Expansion 2/17/10 Note: "Regarding #7 of the DNR response, WEAL appreciates the DNR contacting Waste Management's site engineer asking for an electronic copy of the Feasibility Report to be sent to WEAL, however, WEAL never received one."

-- WEAL's President Comments on NR52 re: public use of lands under Knowles Nelson Stewardship Fund 2/1/10 

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