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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

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Some of you have asked what YOU can do about the Bypass.

Some of you are wondering if it is worth your time to fight.           

  • First and foremost, time is of the essence.
  • Action is necessary. If we do nothing we will not be able to effect change.
  • Make sure your opinion gets into public record. Have you already made a statement? Do it again. 

In the immediate, if you oppose the Bypass or any of its components, HERE are the things we recommend doing promptly:

 1. VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: Get your concerns documented in the public comments from the Public Hearing of November 13, 2012 regarding the West Waukesha Bypass and the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The Draft EIS is at There will NOT be another public hearing. It is important to do this NOW and have your comments postmarked by December 10. Even if you WENT to the hearing, you can still submit your comments! If you and your spouse both have opinions, submit them separately. Put your concerns (opinion, objection, support, whatever)


Gary Evans

Waukesha County Engineering Services Manager

515 West Moreland Boulevard

Waukesha, WI 53188

[email protected]

Recommendation: If you send mail, send it certified, or if you send an e-mail, send it read receipt, and keep your record.

2. Many of you received the West Waukesha Bypass Study mailing (Newsletter No. 6), October 2012, postmarked on/around 10/24/12, which announced that the Public Hearing was scheduled for November 13. But many of you did not receive this mailing. If you did NOT receive the mailing, PLEASE document that fact in all of your correspondence. If you received the mailing, but it provided insufficient notice for you to make plans to attend, document that as well.

 3. Contact your County Supervisor. The supervisors are the voice of the people within the county and this project has COUNTY funding; if our supervisors hear nothing from us, they think we are content! Click here to find maps to figure out who your supervisor is:

If you have a hard time distinguishing what county district you are in, call the County Board Home Office. All you have to do is ask for help determining your district, and provide them with your address. Their number is 262-548-7002 and office hours are 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

The County’s portion of the road is over $8 million. In the entire county, we only have about 390,000 people. This math produces a scary quotient! Do we as county residents want to assume this in our taxes?

 Recommendation: Sending an e-mail or letter? Send it read receipt or certified mail, respectively. Making a phone call? Document it and follow it up in writing!

 4. Read, and if you agree with the position, sign the PETITION created by the Coalition Opposed to the West Waukesha Bypass in partnership with the Waukesha Environmental Action League (WEAL) which supports “NO BUILD”. WEAL also, separately, supports some minor road improvements for the actual sake of safety, but not in conjunction with building a state trunk highway, 4-lane bypass. The petition is therefore called the “NO BUILD! Improve!” petition. Go to

If you know NEIGHBORS or others who would support this, you can e-mail them the petition link, or post a link on your Facebook account!

5. Contact Your Alderman or Town Supervisors and TELL THEM what you think – even if you already have – DO IT AGAIN. The City’s contribution to the road will be over $2 million. We have a population of about 71,000 people in the City. Will this not significantly impact our taxes?

Here’s where to find out who your Alderman or Town Supervisor is:

Recommendation: Sending an e-mail or letter? Send it read receipt or certified mail, respectively. Making a phone call? Document it and follow it up in writing!

6. Submit a Letter to the Editor of either the Freeman or the Journal Sentinel. Be advised, if you send in a letter to the editor, you will need to sign your name. If you send in a “Sound Off” you don’t have to sign, and you can actually CALL in a “Sound Off” to the Freeman.

7. Tell Governor Walker what you think. Does the state have $40+ million (the state’s contribution toward funding the road) to spend? To put this in perspective, fewer than 6 million people LIVE in Wisconsin. Really, how ARE we paying for this, in this economy, with deficits such as we have? Contact him at

8. If you can make the time, visit the West Waukesha Bypass Study’s website to review the Draft EIS. We’ll warn you that it is 400 pages, AND you only have until December 10 to read, digest and send in your comments. Two years to write it…two weeks notice given to the public for the hearing on it, and less than a total of 6 weeks for the public to respond to it in public record. How’s that for fair play? The Draft EIS is at

9. Join forces with the Coalition Opposed to the West Waukesha Bypass, working in conjunction with the Waukesha Environmental Action League (WEAL). To contact WEAL and request information, visit and click on Contact.

10. Involve your neighbors! Talk to people – spread the word. BE HEARD.


Think about all of the bypasses you know of. What is their purpose? Is it to make the travel for the locals convenient? How many Bypasses run through neighborhoods? And of those that do, what do those neighborhoods look like now? For clarification, this will be signed as a “state trunk highway.” It will be a four lane bypass that connects I-94 to I-59, with convenient access to I-43. And there will be no weight restrictions on the road.

Still thinking that the bypass is for road “improvements” with “safety” or “the locals” in mind? We’d like to draw your attention to an article from the Milwaukee Business Journal. While you have to be a subscriber to this to read the full article, even without a subscription, you can still read the first couple short paragraphs. Note particularly the last line.