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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978


A message from WEAL's vice president to the bypass coalition:

It's with frustration and sadness that I send you the final outcome of our federal lawsuit to stop the Bypass. As you can see it did not end favorably. We always knew this would be an uphill fight. Even though we lost the suit, I'm sure that we influenced the project positively in ways! We have discussed whether there are any additional legal options with our lawyers and this will probably be the end of our fight. Other options are just way too expensive with little chance of success given the "attitude" expressed in Judge Peppers final ruling.  

A positive in all this, is that through this effort I got to meet all of you. Your are amazing and wonderful! It was such a pleasure listening to your creativity, seeing your passion for good, and being with you at actions and activities. We made a formidable team, especially in the formative years of the project. They knew we were out there and that we were watching. And, as I've said earlier, I'm sure this made a difference in many small ways even though the we weren't successful in stopping the Bypass.

I wish you all the best. Don't stop working to make SE Wisconsin, and the world, a better place!

Always, until next time!


Bypass Environmental Destruction

To everyone who wrote letters, attended meetings and made donations to try and stop this terrible road: please accept our deep and sincere appreciation for everything you’ve done! We knew it would be difficult to fight the DOT, those that do rarely win, however, we felt it had to be done. Below you can see that the destruction is well under way. 

Images below are clickable to view larger.

High quality fen wetland that will be next to four lane highway.

Photo looks east from the end of Hawthorn Hollow Dr.

Bulldozed swath crosses Pebble Creek just west of Hwy TT.

Glacial Drumlin Trail visible in foreground. Photo looks north.

Bulldozed wetland adjacent to Pebble Creek awaiting fill. Site originally had no erosion control and mud ran into creek until several complaints were filed. Photo looks west from Hwy TT.

Stacked up old growth hardwoods just south of Sunset Dr.

For scale, construction equipment tire is approximately 6 feet high.

Chopped down swath of old growth woods.

Photo looks north-northwest toward Sunset Dr.

Bulldozed wetland awaits fill.

Photo looks east-southeast from the end of Hawthorn Hollow Dr.

Take Action

Press / Letters to the Editor / Bypass Comments

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