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Protecting Waukesha County's Natural Resourses since 1978

Waste / Zero Waste - Articles, Reports & Videos

(Note: “ZW” indicates Zero Waste, “G&P” indicates Gasification & Pyrolysis, "L" indicates Landfill), 

Single-Use Plastic a Growing Environmental Threat

Single-Use plastics have become a pollution and litter problem in the United States and across the globe. Only about 9.5% of post-consumer plastic is collected for recycling so much of the non-recycled plastic ends up in the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, along roadways or in landfills and incinerators. ....more


Report: “Stemming the Tide” Statement of Accountability – Ocean Conservancy – 7/10/2022 and related 10/02/2015 Open Letter to Ocean Conservancy regarding the Report “Stemming the Tide” (WEAL signed this letter)

Article ZW: Rhode Island Governor signs plastic bag ban law – Waste Dive – 7/08/2022

Article ZW: National bottle bill supporters eyeing 2023 for updated draft legislation – Waste Dive – 7/07/2022

Article L: Toxic Gases from Demolition Waste Landfills are Poisoning Thousands Globally – Newswire – 7/06/2022

Article ZW: California passes first sweeping US law to reduce single-use plastics – The Guardian – 6/30/2022

Article P&G: Controversial ‘Advanced Recycling’ Legislation Dies – Eco RI News – 6/22/2022

Article ZW: Government will ban some single-use plastics over the next eighteen months – CBC (Canada) – 6/20/2022

Article ZW: National Parks to phase out single-use plastics– Greenwire – 6/08/2022

Article ZW: Boston curbside pilot to begin in August – Waste Dive – 5/27/2022

Report:  Campus Brand Audit Report -Post Landfill Action Network, Break Free From Plastic at 10 Universities – 2021-2022 School Year

Article ZW: US is recycling just 5% of its plastic waste, studies show – The Guardian – 5/05/2022

Article ZW: OPINION: The Future of Zero Waste Lies in the Circular Economy – Technology Networks – 5/04/2022

Report: The Real Truth About the U.S. Plastic Recycling Rate: 2021 U.S. Facts and Figures – The Last Beach Cleanup and Beyond Plastics - 5/04/2022

Article ZW: Hundreds of US Cities Composting Their Food Waste Helps Farmers and Cuts Tons of Emissions – Good News Network – 5/04/2022

Article ZW: Minneapolis shares its years of organics collection expertise as other major cities consider new efforts – Waste Dive – 5/03/2022

Article ZW: Momentum Building, Dual Stream Recycling Communities – Institute for Local Self Reliance – 4/19/2022

Report: Methane Matters: A Comprehensive Approach to Methane Mitigation – Changing Markets Foundation, Environmental Investigation Agency and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) – 3/31/2022

Article ZW: Ongoing Bottle Bill Expansion Debates Heat up in Four States - Waste Dive – 3/30/2022

Article ZW: City of Richmond’s ban on single-use plastic comes into effect – CBS News British Columbia – 3/27/2022

Article ZW: Matter 360 Repurposes 3.3 Million Pounds of Medical Surplus in 2021 – Waste360 – 3/21/2022

Article ZW: Philadelphia, PA to Start Enforcing Plastic Bag Ban on April 1 – Waste Advantage Magazine – 3/18/2022

Article ZW: PepsiCo Pledges to Reduce Single-Use Packaging As Requested by As You Sow Proposal – 3/17/2022 – Waste360

Report: Reimagining the Bottle Bill – Reloop – 3/15/2022

Article G&P: Plastic burning ‘has no place in climate-forward - 3/14/2022 (Guest Opinion by Judith Enck and Tok M. Oyewole)

Article ZW: Target Zero Appeals to Consumers sustainability concerns – Waste Dive – 3/10/2022

Article ZW: Mattress Recycling Council Surpasses 10 Million Mattresses Recycled – Waste Advantage Magazine – 3/09/2022

Article ZW: ‘Chemical Recycling' of plastic slammed by environmental - 3/08/2022

Article ZW: Historic Day in the Campaign to beat plastic pollution: Nations Commit to develop a legally binding agreement – United Nations Environment Program – 3/02/2022

Report: Recycling Lies: “Chemical Recycling” of Plastic is Just Green Washing Incineration

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) – February 2022

Article G&P: ‘Failure’ or solution? EPA weighs plastic recycling plan – Greenwire – 2/28/2022

Report: Problematic and Unnecessary Materials Report – U.S. Plastics Pact – January 2022

Article ZW: US Plastics Pact release anticipated ‘problematic’ materials list – Waste Dive – 1/25/2022

Article ZW: Bottle Bill backers see opportunity for action - Plastics Recycling – 1/25/2022

VIDEO G&P: Brightmark still wants plastics recycling plant in Macon despite Mayor’s withdrawal of Support - 13WMAZ – 1/14/2022 

Report G&P: Plastic-To-Fuel A losing Proposition - Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) – 1/13/2022 – (WEAL is mentioned on page 7)


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