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Zero Waste

Single-Use Plastic a Growing Environmental Threat

Single-Use plastics have become a pollution and litter problem in the United States and across the globe. Only about 9.5% of post-consumer plastic is collected for recycling so much of the non-recycled plastic ends up in the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, along roadways or in landfills and incinerators. ....more

Articles & Videos


US Pet bottling recycling market continues to sink - Plastics Recycling Update – Resource Recycling – 11/03/2021

Massachusetts banning the disposal of textiles, mattresses and more organics in 2022 - Waste Dive – 11/03/2021

Plastic's GHG emissions could outpace those from coal by 2030: report – Waste Dive – 10/25/2021 (Full Report posted on the WEAL website)

Chemical Recycling: It’s Not What You Think – The Hill – 10/20/2021

More Than 1 Million Mattresses Recycled in Connecticut - Waste 360 – 10/19/2021

Canadian organics programs share lessons learned on policy, plastics and public engagement - Waste Dive – 10/18/2021 

The recycling myth: A plastic waste solution littered with failure ( – Reuters – 7/29/20921

Report: Cities should prioritize PET, HDPE, PP collection -Plastics Recycling Update – 7/28/2021 (report on WEAL website)

Merkley: States will aid push for U.S. plastics recycling – Portland Tribune – 7/25/2021

Time to dump harmful plastic production - San Francisco Examiner – 7/21/2021

Progress report: State waste and recycling policies gain notable traction this year - Waste Dive – 7/19/2021

Composting has spiked since food scraps were banned from landfills - Vermont Digger – 7/15/2021

Nation’s first packaging EPR bill is signed into law – Resource Recycling – 7/13/2021

Our Plastic Is Poisoning Eggs Eaten by the World’s Poor, Study Finds - Mother Jones - 6/23/2021

Wisconsin - Video - Greenwashing: Sustainability or showmanship by companies? - Fox6 News - 6/23/2021

NGOs and Governments Push for World Treaty on Plastic Waste - The Maritime Executive - 6/21/2021

The Coca-Cola Company, BlueTriton Brands, and Niagara Bottling Sued For Misleading Consumers On Plastic Bottle Recycling | Sierra Club - Sierra Club - June 15, 2021

Earth Island Institute Files Lawsuit Against Coca-Cola for False Advertising :: Earth Island Institute - Earth Island Institute - June 8, 2021

Here Is Who’s Behind the Global Surge in Single-Use Plastic - NYT - 5/18/2021

Tracking the Future of US Recycling Policy in Congress - Waste Dive - 4/23/21

Maryland becomes the latest state to pass organics diversion mandate - Waste Dive - 4/14/2021

U.S. Recycling: The Come Back is Better than Ever (Commentary) - Waste 360 - Neil Seldman - 4/08/2021

Washington, DC zero waste bill is now law, though funding remains uncertain -Waste Dive - 4/05/2021

Deposit return systems are a key part of solving the plastic paradox - (Opinion) Waste Dive - 3/29/2021


Coca-Cola Named The World’s Most Polluting Brand in Plastic Waste Audit – Forbes – 10/29/2019 – SEE REPORTS – “Branded Volume II”

Plastic waste illegally imported into India, claims expose – DownToEarth - 10/29/2019

Plastic pollution: A global problem with local solutions – Vancouver Sun – 10/27/2019

Every human should be alarmed by the plastic crisis in our oceans – Washington Post – 10/26/2019

You think you have a recycling problem? Try Carnival’s 18M plastic yogurt cups at sea – Miami Herald = 10/25/2019

'Evil economics': William Barber condemns proposed plastics facility in Cancer Alley - The Guardian US Edition – 10/24/2019

Seal found stuck in plastic waste on Norfolk beach – BBC News – 10/24/2019

Coca-Cola Named Most Polluting Brand in Global Audit of Plastic Waste – The Intercept – 10/23/2019 - SEE REPORTS – “Branded Volume II

Philly Council committee moves plastic bag ban to final vote, but kills 15-cent fee – WHYY – Philadelphia, PA – 10/23/2019

Federal 'Save Our Seas' bill spurs debate over plastics recycling – Waste Dive – 10/02/2019 - WEAL Signed Letter - Opposition Letter to Save our Seas Legislation

VIDEO - How worried should we be about microplastics? – The Guardian US Edition – 10/01/2019

Indian State an Example of Successful Plastic Ban – VOA News – 10//01/2019

VIDEO - A single tea bag can leak billions of pieces of microplastic into your brew - CNN - 9/27/2019

GREAT LAKES - 22 million pounds of plastics enter the Great Lakes each year – Chicago Tribune– 9/04/2019

Drowning in plastic Visualizing the world’s addiction to plastic bottles – Reuters -9/04/2019

Has Kenya's plastic bag ban worked? – BBC News – 8/28/2019

Do plastic bag taxes or bans curb waste? 400 cities and states tried it out. – Vox – 8/27/2019

'It is raining plastic': Scientists find colorful microplastic in rain – CNN – 8/14/2019

How Bad Is Pakistan's Plastic Bag Problem? See for Yourself – NPR – 8/13/2019

WISCONSIN – AUDIO - Are Plastic Bags Really Recycled? – WUWM 89.7 – 8/05/2019



UN Commits to Stop Ocean Plastic Waste – BBC News – 12/05/2017

VIDEOPlastic Floating in Caribbean – YouTube – Posted 11/05/2017

Public Shaming and Even Prison for Plastic Bag Use in Rwanda – New York Times 10/28/2017

VIDEO - Kenya Plastic Bag Ban Comes into Force After Years of Delays – BBC News – 8/28/2017

Top Ten Items – Ocean Conservancy – 5/09/2017

WISCONSIN - VIDEO - Winds Whip Up Trash from Landfill into Trees, Yards – Menomonee Falls WISN News (TV) 3/08/2017

WISCONSIN - VIDEO - Garbage from Outagamie County Landfill Blown into Neighborhoods WLUK (TV) 3/08/2017